Better Soil

It’s our earth.  A natural, healthy soil stimulates growth, protects and produces yields of healthy plants and crops PLS solution is reduces soil degradation, increases water holding capacity, directly contributes to correcting and enhancing K, P and Zinc nutrient deficiencies, boosting efficiency of nitrogen and healthy soil fertility.

100% bioavailable and biodegradable



  1. Corrects tackles soil health and enhances soil nutrient deficiency in plants/crops
  2. Effectively maximises water absorption in plants and crops
  3. Improves water holding capacity
  4. Increases crop resistance against diseases and naturally boost growth rates
  5. Reduces the intensity of Chlorosis, and stimulate healthy plants/crops growth
  6. Facilitates good crop health and reduces stress conditions
  7. Fully compatible with other manures/fertilisers.
  8. No residual effect on plants or crops
Better Soil​

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