Lactic acid and other organic acids based acidifiers for better gut health and enhanced shelf life of feed. Acid Drop is introduced based on indigenously developed bio-technology process to aid the natural fermentation. It will compensate the physiological hydrochloric acid deficiency in stomach.

Acid Drop contains lactic acid and other organic acids as active ingredients. Silica or naturally available bentonite powder are used as carrier material along with essential enzymes. It is a free flowing powder having acidic odor and classified as non-corrosive.

It is recommended to mix Acid Drop with the regular feed to keep the feed away from harmful microbial contaminations. It will kill the harmful bacteria present in the feed by penetrating through the cell wall and interfering with the metabolism. Acid Drop will reduce the pH of the feed resulting in a lower pH environment.


  • It enhances the farm productivity by improving the gut health.
  • Regulates the pH and microbial balance of the gut, thus stimulates the development of Lactobacilli in crop.
  • Improves the palatability of feed, thus improve the growth and FCR.
  • It enhances the immunity and reduces the mortality as well as digestion disorders.
  • It improves the enzymatic digestion of proteins and functions as probiotics.


The dosage parameters will depend on the initial pH of the feed. However, it is recommended to use around 1-2 kg per ton of feed. For 1000 birds like chicks, broilers, and layers 15-20 ml
is required.


  • Available in 1 Kg packing in outer box of 10 kgs.
  • Acid Drop liquid is available in 1 litre and 5 Litre packing in outer box of 10 kg.
  • Expiry will be after 5 years of packing. It need to be stored in dry and cool places.
    Acid Drop is available in bulk volumes also for feed/ feed manufacturing industries to market in their own brands.

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